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Flexispy Review

Imagine of a user-friendly software that remotely tracks and control all activity of your smartphone. If you are wondering what your children are doing when you are not home or what your employees are doing during working hours, when it concerning advanced monitoring, Flexispy is the solution for that. Flexispy software allows you implement a whole number of functionalities, from call interception and record to GPS location tracking, and from multimedia monitoring to SMS tracking. In addition to that, it runs in the background undetected. Further, another cool feature is that you can run Flexispy on any operating system which allows you to use it in a wide range of devices. There are many spy software in the market available, this review is intended to inform you about Flexispy, the pros and cons about it so that you can consider it to buy.

What is Flexispy?

The Flexispy software offering services from 2006 and satisfying customers with a strong reputation ever since. It is very easy to operate even if you are not a tech-savvy. Flexispy runs on multi-diverse operating systems. It has a large list of compatibility and it keeps updating with the growing mobile markets. Currently, Flexispy can be run on:

  • Android
  • MAC OS
  • Windows
  • Blackberry
  • Nokia Symbian

Flexispy will run on these operating systems in either smartphones or computers. For your information, it is the only software to offer advanced monitoring in a cross-platform environment.


Flexispy allows you to do:

  • Listen to live calls
  • Record calls and VOIP calls
  • Access to Call logs and VOIP call logs.
  • Listen and record to phone surroundings
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Read messages and Emails
  • Facetime Spy Camera
  • View & Track GPS location
  • Spy on multimedia and storage
  • Spy web surfing
  • Receive alerts on changing SIM card and so on.

Moreover, these all features can be operated remotely.

Listen and record live calls

With Flexispy, you can have a direct line to every phone calls, accessing the data exactly when it happens. Further, you can record and view the call logs of the target device. With Flexispy, you can also intercept a call remotely. These features are extremely helpful to monitoring your children or employees, if needed.

Spy on SMS’s, Emails and IM chats

Flexispy allows monitoring SMS’s logs, Email list and IM chats on the aimed smartphone or computer even if it is password protected. This feature ensures transparency over employee messages on company phones.

View and track GPS location

Another cool feature of this amazingly cool software is its real-time GPS tracking. Flexispy also allows you view GPS history data so that you can know where your target device traveled during a space of time.

Spy on multimedia and storage

With Flexispy, you can access to multimedia and storage on your target device secretly. This feature further informs about which files have been used recently. It will also inform you when a new photo has been captured or a new video is recorded even if it is deleted by the user. You can also take pictures or record videos or sounds secretly and remotely from the target device.

Spy on web surfing and applications

Flexispy informs you all websites visited from a target device, further uploads URL’s and their visiting time. It also let you know which sites are being bookmarked and so on. This feature is very useful preventing users from visiting restricted sites. This software also takes regular screenshots secretly to monitor activities on other applications.

Yet not convinced about Flexispy? Let me inform you that, Flexispy offers more than 150 spy features to ensure monitoring and here only a few of them I described. To know more of its features, visit official website


One thing every Flexispy potential customer should know that these software is not cheap. In fact, it is one of the most expensive. Flexispy offer 2 packages, they are Premium Package and Extreme package. Premium comes in 1 month for $68, 3 months for $99 or 12 months for only $149. Extreme comes in 3 months for $199 or 12 months for only $349. The premium package offers some basic features while the extreme package offers extra special features. Some extra features like call intercepting and recording are only offered in Extreme version. I suggest you go for the longer plan because it’s a much better value.

The Flexispy has a very active and enthusiast support waiting for your call 24/6. The Flexispy software license is also convertible, that means, if you have a license for Windows, later you can transfer it to Android. Further it allows a 10 days money back guarantee. So, you can ask for a 100% refund if you are not fully satisfied. Currently, it supports several common languages like, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, Deutsch, Thai.

Here is the instruction to get started Flexispy. Firstly you have to purchase a license for the target device. Then you root or Jailbreak target device. Next, Install the Flexispy software and after that activate on your target device. Now you are done. To see its magic, just open the dashboard.

Pros and cons

This software is mostly popular for its advanced monitoring which helps users to track their children, secretly follow their activity for purpose of their safety. Further, its monitoring system helps in business to monitor employees to keep them on track. Some other positive utility must be its supportive customer services and very user-friendly interface. The software also ensures privacy as it does not let anyone install it without getting evidence that the user own this device.

Regardless its positive utilities, the software installation process it not that easy. The software could monitor secretly on web surfing, yet it does not allow website blocking. You must have physical access to your device to install it. In addition to that, you have to root your device to install the software. Further, the price is not so budget friendly for anyone to buy.


If you are seriously considering to buy an advanced monitoring software, you should give Flexispy a try. Regardless its high expense, the Flexispy is worth a software to use. To conclude, remember one thing, if you are monitoring an adult without legal grounds, you can be facing a penalty for that.